1 UP Infinite Returns To Anime NYC In November!


It's official! 1 UP Infinite will return back again to Anime NYC this year to cover the event's 5th Anniversary after its triumphant return last year! Welcoming thousands of fans from all over, last year's Anime NYC return was a major success, with this year expecting to blow last year's record out of the water. What makes this year special, as mentioned earlier, is that this year marks the halfway point to a decade since the convention went live in 2017. I remember when I went to the very first one during its humble beginnings as a small yet honest convention meant to fill the much-needed void of "New York's premiere anime convention."

Five years later and it has blossomed, taking the entirety of the Javits Center with cosplays, events, and panels all around. Last year we focused on the connection between anime and gaming, as we are primarily a gaming outlet. We are also, first and foremost, an outlet that celebrates the entertainment culture be it comics, animation, gaming, and more! We may even infiltrate a random LARP session near you! All of these genres go hand in hand like Peanut Butter, Caramel, and Vanilla.

Anime NYC 2021 - Photo Credit: Eleventh Hour courtesy of Anime NYC

Speaking of gaming, one of the largest events this year will be the Final Fantasy orchestra concert "A New World," by Eric Roth. Special guest and legendary musician Yoko Shimomura will also be in attendance. Having celebrated the remaster of her first work with Square, Live A Live, Ms. Shimomura will also be available for meet & greets and autograph signings as well. Members of Studio TRIGGER will also be a part of Anime NYC, hosting panels and a "cheer screening" of Promare.

While Promare is an amazing movie that I recommend to fans of non-stop sugar-inducing action, TRIGGER is perhaps recently well-known for its success in the Cyberpunk Edgerunners anime. With several notches under their belt in the past three years alone, the chance to meet TRIGGER is something no one should slip by. Expect licensed booths featuring exclusive Anime NYC products, voice actors to meet, and of course the return of the game room.

My...Alex Chen cosplay. (Hey look I love the character and the game she's from please play Life Is Strange: True Colors)

No stone will be left unturned and over the next few weeks, expect some relevant content leading up to Anime NYC's 5th anniversary. Congratulations on reaching half of a decade and here's to making it to a full decade! We may just play some classic anime games over the next months sprinkled with our usual daily first impressions and reviews for good measure.

Anime NYC 2022 will premiere on November 18, 2022, until November 20, 2022. Potential attendees can still purchase badges either online or at various retailers but badges are selling out fast! Stay tuned, stay hydrated, and bundle up because a lot of heat is coming your way!

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