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Fortnite Goes Minty Fresh With New Accessories Pack

Courtesy of Epic Games

Fortnite: Minty Legends Pack

Developer: Epic Games
Publisher: Epic Games
Release Date: November 2, 2021
Available as: Digital and Physical

Fortnite With A Dash Of Minty Freshness

Greetings everyone. This will be an entirely new take on First Takes as this will be purely opinionated. The reason for this is because honestly when talking about Fortnite, there's no one who is a gamer who doesn't know what it is. There hasn't been a game in recent years that had captured a mainstream "casual" audience than Epic Games' free-to-play third-person shooter. Many endorsements, both from companies and celebrities, have collaborated with Fortnite, resulting in almost unbelievable collaborations.

As of recent, there was a Naruto collaboration that recently concluded. Imagine seeing Sasuke vs Batman vs Thanos vs Ryu in one game that's not a fan game. Fortnite makes the impossible, possible, giving something for everyone. Occasionally, they release these bundle packs filled with cosmetics based around a specific theme. In this case, there's the Fortnite: Minty Legends Pack, complete with three character skins, weapon skins, and more. The purple/green ghoulish undead aesthetic is pretty cool and if I were to play this game I'd not mind dropping money on it. The 1k vbucks is also a bonus incentive, allowing players to purchase from the shop.

night of forts
Fortnite - PlayStation 5 Direct Capture

Here Is A Story On My First Ever Match Of Fortnite

As is the case with bundle packs, it's not enough to simply show off what items are included in menus. The best way to show them off is through the gameplay of course. This means I had to play a game of battle royale, which would be a recipe for disaster for several reasons. While not my first shooter, Fortnite is not the game that I've spent a lot of time playing, mainly because the "battle royale" genre never stuck with me. I never liked the idea of having "one life with no respawns" as it promotes players camping in one location. There's nothing worse than streaking and avoiding a narrow death only to get clipped by a sniper perched in a 3rd grader's fort.

I think matchmaking was in my favor as the account was a fresh "Level 1," meaning I'd be matched with "first-time players." Even then, that's not enough to breathe a sigh of relief as smurfing does exist. Keeping that in mind, I expected to be eliminated in the first five minutes. The good news is I survived the first five minutes, the bad news is I didn't know where I was.

Fortnite - PlayStation 5 Direct Capture

The Storm Ended Up Working In My Favor

About 90% of my time in the Battle Royale was trying to look for other competitors to fight. There certainly was action taking place as the player count diminished over time. Problem was, the most action I found aside from sliding around everywhere, was driving a beat-up pick-up truck. Even that was short-lived as I ran out of gas quickly. A silver lining in the clouds, pun intended, was the storm closing in, ensuring that players will group up eventually to duel each other.

My predictions would prove correct as I would hear gunshots, letting the opposition off each other before I swooped in on the remains. This strategy proved to be valid, despite both of us not knowing how to aim. We were missing shots and playing ring-around-the-rosy with a boulder until I picked him off. Finally, it was down to the last two and I almost got one-shotted with a shotgun. I don't know HOW he missed a shotgun blast in close range twice, but I was able to peck him off with an SMG. Suddenly, #1 Victory Royale. Hooray? I didn't think I'd make it past landing from the ship, much less win. I'm convinced I was playing against bots even though I knew I wasn't.

fortnite victory royale
Fortnite - PlayStation 5 Direct Capture

Despite This, One Can See Fortnite For Its Charm

Foolery aside, the PS5 version of Fortnite ran at a solid 60 fps without hindering its impressive visuals. While Fortnite's graphics may be simple, its colorful and vibrant, allowing players to see far beyond what's considered normal in most shooters. Overall, while my experience with this game will be regulated to exploring bonus content packs in the future, I can say I got a "dub." It wasn't the best or cleanest victory anyone had achieved, but it's one that I can say I claimed. Oh, and the Minty Legends skins are pretty neat as well.

Fortnite: Minty Legends pack is available on the PS5, PS4, Switch, and Xbox.

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