G Fuel's Tekken 'Rage Drive' Packs An 'Electric Wind' Punch

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An image of the G Fuel Tekken Rage Drive complete set.

While we try to stick to discussing games, sometimes a product comes around that seems fun to try out that happens to have a video game branding tied to it. We've covered sneakers before, right? So why not take a look at a drink this time around? One of the most successful products to feature a plethora of video game franchises, references, content creators, and esports players is the G Fuel brand. In 2023, they have begun delivering preorders for a new and exciting flavor — Rage Drive. 

This review is not sponsored by G Fuel in any way whatsoever. I was just a Tekken fan who wanted to unbox a flavor dedicated to a franchise I love. The flavor also made me curious as it is of all flavors, cantaloupe. When I think of “Rage Drive,” pitting father and son against each other on the packaging, featuring Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima, cantaloupe is the last thing I think of.

The design of the Rage Drive tub

The design on the box is dynamic and direct like a Mishima wave dashing in his opponent’s face. The aesthetic gives off a “Fight Night” promotional poster, showing a “tale of the tape” between the two Iron Fist Tournament titans. There’s even a design that says “Electric Wind God Fist” for good measure. Those familiar with Tekken will also notice the packaging on the tub itself, complete with notations including the Neutral star, directional inputs, and the Right Punch notation as well.

Upon opening the box, alongside the tumbler and the tub of G Fuel, there’s a sticker with King from Tekken with the words “Tekken G Fuel” on it. In the photos, I decided to place whatever leftover stickers I had that matched the red and black colors. Of course, New York City Tekken had to be one of them, as it wouldn’t be a Tekken tumbler without, well, Tekken.

The New York City Tekken sticker is sold separately...not by...G Fuel. Obviously.

While the packaging and designs were neat, it was all about the start of the show — The cantaloupe. While I consider a cantaloupe more of a Summer fruit, it’s always a good time to enjoy the melon. But how did it taste in “G Fuel powder form?” Well, after making an accidental mess and dropping some of the powder at our unboxing station (oops) I took the first sip.

At first taste, it captured the creamy mellow melon taste of the fruit. Seeing the liquid turn into a bright, almost pinkish-red color was what I expected considering the theme. However, cantaloupe in real life is more of an orange hue so my mind was going “Cantaloupe!” but then my eyes were like “It’s red!”

It tastes like cantaloupe.

After several more sips, there was a tangy sour aftertaste, reminiscent of getting whiff punished in the face by an Electric Wind God Fist. It wasn’t sudden, but as the powder dissolved with a few more shakes, the tang flavor profile became more robust. I measured my drink with a spare scoop I had from another G Fuel tub and filled it with water up to 16 oz, the recommended serving as listed on the label.

In the end, it wasn’t an overbearing taste, but it kept true to its word — It tasted like cantaloupe. As I was drinking, I kept saying “It’s Cantaloupe!” I’m sure the office next door may have thought I was crazy but having done many unboxings and “first impressions” in the past, I’m sure they don’t mind my excitement. It’s a unique mildly fruity taste in which the creamy profile takes note, washing it away with a more profound sweet aftertaste.

Close up of the tub and the tumbler filled with the drink

It’s an enjoyable drink, almost up there with my other favorites being Miami Nights and Sage Mode. I’d recommend this flavor to anyone who is a fan of Tekken of course, but for those who may not be experienced with the game and the brand, fruit enjoyers will enjoy this. Especially if they happen to be a fan of the juicy refreshing taste of, well, Cantaloupe.

The G Fuel Rage Drive was something fun I wanted to cover as “being a foodie” is something 1 UP Infinite is not. Game-themed food and drinks? Absolutely fair game I’d say! You can order the tub alone as well as the set here. Just be mindful that at the time of this writing, there is a waiting list. Here are some more photos of the box that both the tumbler and the energy formula tub come in.

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