King Vader Exclusive Anime NYC 2022 Interview


It seems like a few days ago that it was once November and now we're here in December, the final month of the year. Feels like a great time as any to debut the interview I was thankful to be a part of with King Vader, one of the biggest names in content creation today. Whether you're a fan of his work from the "Hood Anime" series, his film projects, or even his Netflix show, Vader has been making waves since the Vine days and shows no signs of stopping.

Which is why it was pleasant to be around him and feel a familiar presence as the interview felt less like a tense environment but a chill "kicking it with your bros in the living room" environment. Vader is wise beyond his years, sharing what goes through his mind in his production as well as advice for other content creators. Whether it's doing commercials for Gotham Knights or discussing the impact anime has made in his life, it was a conversation that I'd love to go on for hours if it wasn't for time constraints.

Thank you so much for your time and sharing your thoughts with us Vader! Check out his YouTube channel for the latest in his long list of planned projects! Looking forward to the Elden Ring video!

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