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Ambitious Japanese RPG 'Meg's Monster' Releases Early March

Meg's Monster Gameplay Trailer
Meg's Monster Key Art
The trio sitting by a campfire.

Developed and published by Odencat, Meg's Monster is an RPG two years in the making with a narrative that takes a unique spin on the genre. It's not the fear of losing a battle that should take center stage when it comes to Meg's Monster, for her 'monster' can take damage just as much as he can unleash it. With an almost infinite amount of HP, 99999 of them to be exact, Roy is compared to Saitama from One Punch Man as virtually no one can defeat him in a fight. However, Roy isn't the threat, but the human he takes care of, Meg, is a far greater one to everyone surrounding her. That's because if Meg cries, the world dies.

Meg's sanity meter is separate from Roy's health meter, which can be monitored by ensuring Meg is always in an uplifted mood. The more Meg is under duress, the more her mental gauge depletes until it reaches 0. Once it reaches 0, Meg will cry and her tears are the key to starting the apocalypse. The latest Meg's Monster trailer shows what happens when this takes place, leading to the world exploding following a "Game Over" screen. Seeing Roy get injured also affects Meg's mental state, meaning that while Roy has a whopping five-digit health total, it means very little if it affects the girl's psyche.

Don't let Meg cry!

With over 50,000 words of dialogue, Meg's Monster aims for its protagonists, Meg, Roy, and his allies to be as empathetic as possible. This, of course, would make the desire to protect Meg increase tenfold, with the risk of her tears and her wellness becoming a motivator to keep her safe. Meg's Monster also includes music from composer Reo Uratani who worked on Hi-Fi Rush, Atlier Ryza 2, and Monster Hunter. Combined with lyricist Laura Shigihara who worked on Deltarune, Meg's Monster's soundtrack is sounding like an upcoming masterpiece. 1 UP Infinite will provide coverage on Meg's Monster ahead of its release date within the upcoming week so stay tuned for our thoughts on this intriguing RPG!

Meg's Monster will release on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch on March 2nd, 2023, retailing at $14.99. Players can still play the demo on Steam for those interested in a hands-on experience before it officially releases. Remember, while Meg's monster cannot die, if she cries, the world meets its demise.

Toys will not only help Meg's mood but also buffs Roy.

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