All things Nintendo! First Takes, Reviews, or Walkthroughs for all Nintendo Consoles. Ranging from the latest Nintendo Switch (NSW) console to the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

Nintendo has an incredibly rich history in home video games. Producing top-quality Nintendo Consoles and Video Game franchises for home video game entertainment. With the introduction of the very first Famicom (or Family Computer) that debuted in Japan in 1983, to the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) that was introduced in North America in 1985. Let's also not forget about their popular handheld consoles such as the original Gameboy that was released in Japan in 1989, then 1990 to North America, the Gameboy Advance, the beloved DS and all of its variants, to ultimately the new Switch that was introduced on March 3, 2017!

And all those iconic characters and franchises that are exclusive to Nintendo, such as:

  • Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Bowser from the Super Mario Bros series
  • Pikachu from the Pokemon Series (known as Pocket Monsters in Japan)
  • Link and Zelda, from The Legend of Zelda series
  • Samus from their Metroid series
  • and many others!

Nintendo has been a dominant force in the home video game industry for decades!

Home consoles released to date:

  • Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) / Famicom (1985 / 1983)
  • Super NES / Super Famicom (1990 / 1992)
  • Nintendo 64 (1996)
  • GameCube (2001)
  • Wii (2006)
  • WiiU (2012)
  • Nintendo Switch (2017)

Handheld consoles released to date:

  • Gameboy (1989)
  • Gameboy Color (1998)
  • Gameboy Advance (2001)
  • DS (2004)
  • 2DS (2013)
  • 3DS (2011)
  • Nintendo Switch (2017)