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May 30, 2024

Persona’s Long And Interesting Car Culture History

In recent years, the Persona series has maintained its upper-echelon status compared to other RPGs arguably for the past 17 years thanks to the success of Persona 3. The growing pains of being a student with dreams and aspirations while also moonlighting as a cognitive demon exorcist had attracted many fans to the series. Its popularity was enough to spawn many sequels and spin-offs, with a mobile spin-off game titled Persona 5: The Phantom X officially announced this week.

Initially, the game was first announced in 2021 via an announcement by Perfect World Games that it was developing a mobile title for a “famous JRPG IP” that has sold “over 10 million units worldwide.” Under the project title CODE NAME: X, information on the title was kept private until several outlets released a gameplay trailer as well as a cinematic trailer. While no official information from PWG or Atlus has been made yet, it’s great to see ambitious projects such as these find a way to make their way past the development stage.

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